The other day after namaz jomeh, I was thinking about my imam’s teachings. I was not impressed at all. In spite of so many well fed mullahs and imams who live as good or may be better than the other scholars in the world’s best universities their output is negligible or near zero.

Iran and its neighbors were able to make advancements in medicine, science, art, and architecture. All or most were done by the clergy layer and their teachings << need citing here>>.

New mullah’s have been given the best opportunities to educated all paid by people in new buildings with all amentias that is not found in the world’s best universities, but not producing anything new or publishable. Why?

Why the discussion after namazeh jomeh is at the same level as my great great grand father’s discussions?

Who is responsible for advancement of mullahs in Iran? Why the graduation requirement from elmeeh schools are so low? Based on my imam’s teachings, it seems the elmeeh school graduation is reduced to golab washed beard and a gabadeh. It is a crime to allow uneducated mullah’s to wear white or black amameh to fool people. We need a better regulation and need independent people to review and approve each mullah’s credencials before graduation.

What is the advancement path for the next 50, 100, 150 years? I want my imam and my children’s imam to be impressive. I want my imam jomeh to come from a cancer surgery to stand in front of me for leading the namaz and after the namaz, discuss the new techniques for hand sterilization and patient recovery statistics for each technique, or work on making new type of polymers that can make buildings safer at the time of earth quake or other natural disasters, and then a few minutes on the latest on lavat techniques.

Mullah jamat have been very helpful in the past. Thanks to the research and development of the distant past mullahs and their teachings, people know how to keep one hand ‘paak’ and the other ‘najest’ at the same time. Also making sure that their lavat is the acceptable kind.

This is the time to diversify at no additional cost to people’s money. There are very powerful computers in the country. Why not using only half for continuing lavat R&D and the other half for science and medicine?

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