The problem of the unity of mankind, the victims of different societies

The problem of the unity of mankind, the victims of different societies   The pyramid of power, like in the army for example 10 people are controlling by a Lieutenant and they have the name of for example squad and 10 squad are controlling by a captain and with the name of battalion and again 10 battalions are controlled by a major and so on until it comes to an national army which will be controlled by a five or six stars general. And if a country has more than one army, than it controlled for example by a general of seven starts and so on.  It was a simple true example to understand the situation of the system of the world. Imagine that in the top of the pyramid a general with 10 or even twenty stars is sitting and control the whole armies of the whole world. 

The solders are controlled by them through the fear, killing, or giving money or medallions or other honors, so they are sometimes like robots and listening and doing what their officers tell them. The top generals can be cruel or nice also the people in the system can be also nice human or cruel. My professor in Germany told us the world is controlled more and less like an army. In the top of the control or in the eyes of pyramid printed in one dollars are sitting about 200 very rich and influential people. They are smart, very well informed educated and work together as a team.   How they control the whole world with so many different religions, nationalities, cultures, languages, races and different ways of lives?  You have seen the movie Spartacus, the Gladiators in the Rom Empire. They were very skill full and very strong men, but they were trained to fight with each other and kill each other for the fun of the rich people or the people in the top of the society.  If these people get together and be united, so it is a problem for the top people. But as many people are trained like this, the society will continue in the same way. Jesus Christ has been hanged up, because the royal people or sort of business people afraid to lose their position if Jesus gets more power.

 Do you remember that Jesus got in the temple or church and destroyed the business rooted by the religious people in the Church and the simple people sold their products to the people who came in the synagogue? They gave part of their benefit to the clergies and they got against Jesus as they saw their business is in danger.   Now how can these 200 people control the whole world? The answer is by us, we working for them, if we know or do not know. We have no other choice. They are powerful, they have control of about 40% of the wealth of the world, and they control business, media, medicine, education, food and religions. But how can they do it?  Ir is very simple they use the same method that in the past is used the Rom Empire used to control the Gladiators. You see the Gladiators were form different countries, they were black, white or may be Chinese or Middle East, North African and so on. They trained them some how to hate each other and when they get chance to kill each other.  But now they use corruption, dictatorship, religions, races, education, nationalities and different cultures and other differences the people have against each other. 

 To be ignorant and to be selfish or at least indifferent and useless is their method. Hate against sexes, against different races, religions, nationalities and so on and on…. They give the leadership of the other countries which is not so advanced like them to the stupid and selfish people. They destroy the knowledge and science in those countries and they expand religious stupidities and prejudice and hate and ignorant.  A fundamentalist poor Moslem, who has not enough money to marry, is full of sex complex. He misattributes or he tries to have sex relationship with animals, or other males. Because; he has no access to the girls to love them with sex and do at least a short term love or sex action. He uses his hand as a vagina and puts his penis in his own hand and tries to imagine a girl, may also a beautiful girl, in the time that he does the action. His sperm is coming out and he is released, but after a while, he will have pain in his body and he get angry why he was so weak and did such a bad action and sin.  He get more angry after his misattribution and try to fight with his brothers, father or mother. He wants something, but he knows it is not possible.

 His father and mother are not rich, they cannot provide a girl for him as a maid, like the rich people do, they hire young beautiful poor girl as a maid that in reality gives service to their sons.   His father is not rich, he is middle class and cannot provide this type of service for his son, so he say even bad words to him, why he give even life to him. But he sees in TV or in the internet, that in other countries or in the West, the boys have girl friends and they have love and sex with them and they are relaxed and happy, so he start also to hate them. In the high school there are not sufficient teacher to give enough information to him or guide him. He learns mostly by himself and by learning by heart. Now he has the high school diploma, but he cannot easily go to university as in the west the young people do. He goes to the west for study, now here are different difficulties. To get a girl friend as the European got, is not so easy for him.

The girls prefer European boy friend or at least rich foreign students or the students are very good at the school. The people hate him, because he is from for example Middle East and Islamic countries, the west thinks, the Moslems are bad, dirty and cruel. They think, they make sex only with their girls and let them pregnant back to their family and do not take any responsibilities. In reality the rich Middle Eastern boys do this, the girls come to them, because they can take them to expensive restaurant, buy for them good gifts and give them nice time. So they sleep sexually with them and sometime, the girls got babies, but the rich Middle Easter boy, do not know that they may loved him, or he knows just sex and do not value his girl friend and leave her, now the poor boy should pay the bill of his action. They do not rent him a room and he has to go back to his country.   Now his hate against west is completed and he is willing to be even terrorists and kill himself and other people.    But the victims of these super rich people are not only the third world countries; they are also misusing their own people. In the third world, they spread the hate and disunity and with the time the people get selfish, indifferent or cruel. So anybody who comes to the top will be the same.

You see that in the Middle East or North Africa, the people come in the top that are really ignorant. That is no need to say their names. Sadam, Ghadafi, Idi Amin and… you saw the picture of Ghadafi who was captured by his own people on the street and was beaten like a dog full of blood. The man was 42 years on the top of his country and had contact with all important and famous people in the world. He could and did visit with kings, and presidents of other countries. He could not understand his own position and the situation he created. Or Sadam as a leader of a little country wanted to fight with the whole Western industrial countries. Any high school kid, could understand that there is no chance to win against the powerful opposition?  He destroyed himself, his family, his people and his country.  Who will fight with them, the young people form the west, generally form poor or middle class family.   In the next level are the important people who run huge companies and they are managers or president of multi international huge companies. They spent money for a president in the so called west or free countries to be elected.  The people vote them by seeing too much advertisement. As long as they listen to the instruction from the top, they are fine, but if they do not, they got in trouble.  The people generally are trained to be indifferent and corrupted.

They know if they are not they cannot be survived. They control the food industries and put hormone and the material for preservation, so the food will be sort of poison, they people get fat or sick. The medical industries also managed by them, there is no humanity in that business. In the west everybody can go to school, college or university, but they are so called trained not to learn seriously. The teacher has no power to teach, the parent and students want fun and not learning. In the East, the children cannot go to school or universities so easily, so they cannot learn. So we have in both systems enough ignorant people. In the West the banks and insurance companies robe people, there is no inflation here and the banks gives money with sort of force to the people and charge them high interest. So what you have is belong to the banks, because you have to pay such high interest, without being any inflation. In the East there is inflation and the banks do not give any money or loan to the people, so the people have mostly cash money and with the time the value of their paper money lose its power for buying and the people get in reality poorer.  For example you work in the West for 30 years and you put all your money to a house.

You bought the house for example for 150,000 dollars, after we say 10 years you paid over 150,000 dollars to the bank, and the house is now for example 70,000 dollar worth, but you owe the bank another 100,000 dollars. That means you have nothing. And all your thirty present down payment had been disappeared. You cannot pay your installment any more, the bank takes your house and sells to the next person for 50,000 dollars and you are on the street, so the system of the USA is manager of making the people homeless. In the East is the opposite, you put your money in the bank in the hope you can save more and buy a house and each year, the price of the house is 30 present more, so you never can buy a house there.   So in addition to hate between people concerning religions , nationalities and cultures the system that control the world is expert to destroy the middle class and made them poor and needy class.   So they can control them easier. 

 A boy in the East is trained that a man or women is immoral and if you kill them, you go to the paradise, there are hurries who are always virgin and you can have sex with them for a long time and each intercourse last years?  The Moslem generally cannot read Quran with translation, so they do not know exactly what is written in their holly book, so they believe what ever the clergy says. Some clergies are nice and human, but some of them are bad and cruel so they misuse the trust of the believers for their own benefits.  The revolutions and changes do not really make the system better, because the people are trained to be cruel, selfish or dictator. As long they have no power, they are fine, but in the time they got the power, they will be worst as the last dictator. The contraction of the society is based on selfishness and dictatorship, the people are trained to be so, they can only think about their own benefit and not about the benefit of the society in which they are living. You see even a poor man like Hossnie Mubarak or Ghadafi who were nice people as young men, came to the power they change to be different.

 These people who control the world have hired the best scientist in all knowledge and they have enough sources of information to know the people and cultures or religions of the world, so they can plan so exactly that they can get their own benefits. Ben Laden said that he wants to work for the supervisee of Moslems. Or Molla Omar says the same thing.  But in reality they brought the Moslem down as before and they trained the other people to hate Moslem more and more and make more difficulties in the world for them. If they were clever, they could open more universities and hospital to reduce their problem and lack of knowledge less and less.  They advertise and market for their bombs and drug and for their insurance companies. Alone the USA should pay trillions dollars of the money of tax payers for a war, that is may be not effective. The corruption is more and the unjust is there. The war between Iraq and Iran costs also billions of dollars and millions of young people are killed or disabled, and none of them after eight years of war could win. Because the business arranged so nice that no one could win the war. Even a stupid man like Sadam knows that the systems will a war without any wining result. But how can be come out of this trap.

 Only with loving each other, respect each other cultures, religions, languages, races and other differences. If we live in the world with peace and unity, we can solve a lot of existing problems. The money that we use for hate and war, we can use it for the unity of mankind, unity of religions, and unity of humanity.  Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, Buda , Bahaullah and all other huge thinker like Molavi, Sadi , Hafez , Goethe, Schiller  have said this, but nobody listen to them.   The people in the world are just brothers and sisters, they are like the leaves of a tree of leaves of flowers, we should not see to each other as stranger. We should love each others and help each other to reach the goal of humanity. We should cooperate with each other regardless to our religions, nationalities or races, languages or other differences.  If we work with each other with love and unity we are able to solve all problems in the world.

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