BLUE BLOOD2: Rectification of Women’s Identity in Photo With Princess Iryana

In my Blog posted on Nov 7th 2011 entitled  « BLUE BLOOD: First Glimpse at Prince Ali Reza’s daughter in mother’s Arms », I had taken the precaution of adding the note “pending confirmation” as to the identity of the woman and child appearing on the photo, given that it was posted and shared extensively on Facebook by different members of the social network, but neither the Crown Prince’s Website, nor that of the Shahbanou had confirmed nor denied it’s authenticity.

It has been confirmed to me that the women in question in the photo is not the little Princess’ Mother “Raha Didevar” but rather a Family Friend ( or Cousin ?) Mrs. “Golnar Samii”. The Child however is indeed Prince Ali Reza’s daughter.




Nov 10th, 2011 

Paris, FRANCE 



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