Bahman Aghai Diba

They kill ambassadors. They murder the POWs. They kill those who are wounded in war. They sent the most beautiful girls of their cities to top of a mountain to be gang raped by the ugliest lepers and while the poor girls start hallucination out of misery and pain, the lepers pretend that the “oracle” is speaking through them. They separate children forcefully from their mothers and teach them to be ruthless and illogical killing machines that enjoy being blood thirsty animals.

Who are these barbarians?

According to the product of the Hollywood dream factory, the film called “300”, these savages are the Spartans. And Who are they fighting against?

They are fighting against the successors of the Cyrus the Great, the King of Persia. The king who freed the Jews from bondage in Babylon, and helped them return home and establish their temples. His name is repeatedly mentioned in the Old Testament as the savior, freedom fighter and liberator. He wrote the first declaration of human rights and defended the rights of all peoples to worship their own Gods and live freely. The Persian Empire was not a slave empire. Although the Archimedean Kings ruled vast territories from the coasts of the Mediterranean to India, they never treated the other nations as slaves. None of the huge historical places of the ancient Iran has been built by the slavers. The archeological researches and excavations show no trace of slave quarters in these places.

The film “300” is totally based on biased fictions written by the historians such as the greatest liar of all times, Herodothes. It claims that 300 Spartans killed one million Iranians because they simply hold their shields over their heads (a normal practice of all armies in the ancient times). They call the Persians as barbarians in the film.

It is interesting to know that the word “barbarians” was invented hundreds of years after the date of the film’s events, by the Romans. The Romans used to call the nations which were not subject to the laws of the Roman Empire, as barbarians. In fact the first nation that they addressed in this way was the Gauls (the French). The Romans believed that the Gaul’s language sounded like the “Ba’a, Ba’a” of the sheep and for the same reason they called them: barbarians. By the same standards, and even by present meaning of the word, it seems that the Spartans were the exact examples of the barbarians.

It is not important that the films are made on the basis of the fake historical assumptions. This is a general practice of the dream factory. However, it is good to take such opportunities to make the historical mistakes subjects of public discussions.

While the present Government of the Islamic Republic in Iran is treating the people of this country as the inhabitants of the occupied territories, and the suppressive forces of the Islamic Republic act the occupying authority, and it has taken measures to destroy the ancient tomb of the Cyrus the Great in Pasargad of Iran, it is not fair to expect the aliens to give any explanations that : why the Iranians are portrayed as black degenerate people, why the King of Persia looks like a member of the hip hop gangs, why the Iranians wear everything ( Indian , Chinese, African and Indonesian), except than their own customs?

Looking at the film in a careful way, reveal that despite all efforts to tarnish the Persians’ image, it is the Persian side that tries many times to solve the problems through diplomacy and compromise. Also, looking at the practices and laws of the Spartans, it seems that they are in fact guardians of the corrupt system, run by the gang of lepers, and it is the forces of Persian Empire who are the harbingers of freedom for the people.

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