Shame on you all

After the ten day old  the Arab League’s proposal to Syria  in response to the Battists’ nonstop murder spree of the unarmed Syrian protesters came to naught, the League has given the Battist murderers another 3 days before it “conditionally suspends” Their membership, “suspend” mind you.

Iraq has abstained from voting.

As a former victim of the Battist thuggery under Saddam Hussein, this abstention vote is nothing but abandonment of Syrian people being murdered by the cutthroat Battists whom Iraqis know something about.

Granted the Iraqi leadership is in the pocket of the Iran occupying Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), ergo their murderous treatment of the anti-IRR Iranians in Camp Ashraf in Iraq 

However, by topping that disgraceful kowtowing to IRR with this abstention vote, they’ve bought eternal shame for themselves.

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