Nuclear Unclear

Big yawn! Just mention the word “Nuclear”. Imagine what it would be like now, that all along, the world media US politicians and UN, used the phrase “The Hezbollah Party in Iran’s clandestine nuclear operations. Iran would be free.

The word “Iran” is used. That makes, what is a terrorist situation in Iran, into a global situation. That benefits two military camps – the UN and The Hezbollah Party in Iran. It has created a lot of jobs in the arms businesses.

The illusion of war is more important than war itself. That is what keeps a lot of these military businesses going. So for thirty years, we hear the Israeli Shepherd shout “Wolf”. And we yawn.

The solution is not that difficult. Ask any ordinary Iranian how he deals with a Hezbollahi in the streets of Tehran, and they will laugh at you. They do not cry “Wolf”. The Iranian population is out of politics and mass rallies like Arab Spring.

Iranians believe in what goes around comes around, and eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Our spirit is rooted in the sounds of the Zend Avesta. It has been rewritten in Hafez Molana and many other places. The sounds are more important, as they are from the last galactic alignment some 20,000 years ago. That concept does not exist in Abrahamic ideologies. We Iranians are united peacefully. We will not be sprung into action.

So war is the tool of religions. Iran has philosophy. A lot of this Free Will philosophy was burnt, but it exists as vividly now as it did from the time of Pishdadians. The whole point of this existentialism is that is deals with The Now. So Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds bring you in The Now. Now tells us that we have to coexist with all.

If I had a magic wand and disarmed all the bad people in Iran, would you go and bash them in the head? Now imagine that the bad people realized that they are small and surrounded by Iranians. Now imagine that they knew that they could live amongst Iranians after they left. Now imagine that they left. That is coexistance. It has to happen there is No Other Way.

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