In a dictator infested Middle East

Turkey, a predominantly Muslim nation and only secular and democratic government in ME other then Israel is proving to become a power house by staying true to the voice of people around ME.   They are doing this not by building, possessing  atomic bombs or calling for the destruction of their neighbors in different forms and flavors nor they are doing it by jumping on a once-popular bandwagon of the super powers and their call to invade other nations.

They have refused to become the stooge of the West by refusing its land to be used as a staging attack in an illegal war and all the while they kept a friendly relation with Israel, they stood firmly against their criminal and illegal treatment of Palestinians.

Now, in the latest news and in an balancing act, Turkey’s prime minister is calling for Syria’s president to step down while comparing its leaders to the like of Hitler and Gaddafi.

By staying true to a more even handed and just policy they may soon become the most powerful nation in ME and a power to be reckon with

‘Hambastegi is the main key to victory’



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