Aria… (Part II)

When I blogged about Aria back in early October, he and his band, For All I Am, were hopeful to be able to raise the needed funds to go on their first tour. Their hopes and dreams have come to be their reality!

They started their tour a couple of weeks ago and the audience keeps growing as they play at each new venue. I have been following them on Facebook and enjoying the messages left by fans:

– Melody: best night ever ! it was fun hanging out and talking:) come back soon.

– Hailey: so proud of you guys.
i love you all to too much♥
show everyone what youre made of 🙂
– Gabby: I’m ‘that girl with alcohol poured down her shirt’. Lol, loved you guys last night♥ wore the shirt I got today.
– Katie: You guys were amazing in Lansing! You made a fan out of me, plus your drummer is hot as fuckk.
– Katherine: saw you dudes lastnight it was fuccckin SWEEEEEEET
And last but not least:
– Garrett: so… i got lost on the way home from your show sunday and all i had for company was your EP. night well spent ha come back as soon as possible

An article/interview was just published about them in “Highwire Daze” on 12/1/11. Less than TWO months ago their hope and goal was to buy a van to go on tour. The way they are going, they’ll need a jet soon!

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