$662 billion offense budget

 one million young Iranians died in the 8 year “Silent war” between Iraq and Iran

which the US administration encouraged Saddam, their buddy at the time to start and then armed both sides while they killed eachother…the survivers became the Basiji thugs who the IRI hires to quell revolt. Our sanctions are supposed to make the iranian people so miserable that they will once again throw themselves on the bayonettes of a million Revolutionary guards and be beaten to death by the night sticks of the Basiji…tall order…would the average American take on the US military if they had taken over our government? The Occupy Wall Street protestors brave as they are have only begun to taste the violence the enforcers of injustice are capable of…

haven’t the US administrations been responsible for killing enough Iranians yet? Ousting Mossadegh and reinstalling a tyrant in the 1950’s and arming him and keeping him in power while he sold off their national heritage of oil cheap to the West and tortured his people with Savak trained by the CIA…if the USA is playing God…it is the God of Mammon…

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