Spying in Iran

After most major Western telecommunication companies were forced to pull out of Iran, the Chinese giant Huawei quickly filled the void. Read this 

UANI Applauds Huawei for Ending New Business with Iran.

While this is an important first step, we call on Huawei to fully end its business with the brutal regime in Iran. Given the regime’s history of misusing telecommunications technology to conduct espionage on citizens, there is simply no justification for doing any such business in Iran.”

Because of imported electronic tracking systems, there are many Iranians who have lost their lives and/or are being brutalized in prisons throughout the country.

All those companies providing tools to further brutalize the Iranian people which include government policy of rape, torture, mutilation and murder of Iranian men, woman and children should be exposed for what they are, amoral corporations.

The executives of these amoral entities should also be aware that they are personally liable as accessory to all the well documented and publically known crimes facilitated by their products and services.

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