Jew-hating Iranians

To deny Anti-Semitism is an indivisible part of the Islamist dogma, would be denying the obvious.

It is also hard to deny jew-hating tendency among some non-Islamist Iranians, packing higher education degrees or not.

To ascertain the veracity of the latter observation, one has to only look at instances when the 33 year state of hostility between the sane world and the warmongering Islamists ruling over the enslaved Iranians gets near boiling point.

At those times, which these days is one of them, the number of write-ups, interviews and comments identifying the “Zionists” i.e. Jews, as the instigators and behind the scene “warmongering” puppet masters increases considerably.

The problem is three millennia of shared history and current facts on the ground do not support this contention, which leaves one to surmise the impetus is nothing but deeply ingrained anti-Semitism.

The good news is, many conscientious Iranians who were previously silent observers, are now voicing their dissenting opinions, or, are asking difficult questions from those who have been disguising their anti-Semitic venom wrapped up as nationalistic bravado, anti-war and/or pro-Palestinian activism.

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