Dirty trade

“The clandestine arrangement worked smoothly for years. The Israeli shipped its Internet- monitoring equipment to a distributor in Denmark. Once there, workers stripped away the packaging and removed the labels.

Then they sent it to a man named “Hossein” in Iran, an amiable technology distributor known to them only by his first name and impeccable English, say his partners in Israel and Denmark.”

Above is from an extensive investigative report by Blumberg.

For not catching this illegal trade which the Islamist murderers use to monitor, track down and persecute Iranians, the Israeli officials in charge of monitoring this sort of trade need to be prosecuted, if for nothing else, for sheer, unmitigated incompetence.

And a big fat shame on the Danish government for allowing this to go on, shame on you!  


BTW, isn’t it typical hypocrisy of the Islamist murderers that when it comes to obtaining and using Israeli technology, they put their 24/7 rabid anti-Semitism on ice?

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