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Dear Friends: Some of you may be wondering why I’ve been missing here on — what happened to my photo essays? Well, as most of you know I learned about Vafa Animal Shelter in Hashtgerd right here in and have been very busy helping them in every way I can. My camera has been collecting dust… but I’m happy that I get to use it every time a vafa dog enters SF Bay Area. Maryam Walsh, one of the many supporters of Vafa who reside abroad, recently returned from Iran and she shared these amazing pictures she managed to capture while visiting the shelter. She wrote: “I had a great trip to Vafa visiting with the great people there, and of course my many four-legged friends. I just wish I could help a little bit more this time by providing them with funds to build more enclosed shelters and to provide more blankets suitable for the very cold weather. For example, Vafa needs to add more enclosed shelters to protect the dogs from the wind, rain and snow. It is getting colder every day and there is no time to wait.” Maryam’s note inspired me to contact the team in Iran and ask them for their wish list for 2012–which I am including here. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and Vafa Shelter’s story with all your friends and family — especially in Iran. With Love and Respect, Faranak Ravon 1234 next › last »

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