Bassiji and Neda photoshop competition

Since we had a  blog on this site recently, where someone decided that it was rather clever to build a photograph  of a now deceased (for want of a better word..) bassiji whose ultimate  wish was to “Destroy the United States of America”, next to Neda agha soltan, the innocent unarmed Iranian demonstrator whose murder by another bassiji thug  was recorded on camera for millions to see, I thought hey. How about pairing a few more. How about building a few more pictures, I got photoshop too! So here we go, just a few suggestions:

Hitler’s SS guard with the piled up bodies of Jewish gas chamber victims…

Pol-Pot’s Khmer Rouge militia next to his victims in killing fields of Cambodia.

Assdollah lajvardi with a picture of Khavaran cemetery

Saddam’s republican guard with little Kurdish kids gassed to death in their mothers arms.

Did you get it? Do you get the evil real sublime message & intent behind pairing the pictures of the victim & victimiser? If not think a bit, use the grey matter between your ears for the sake of humanity, I promise it would not hurt, I’ve been doing it for years now….

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