Iranians, are we a peace loving people?

Actually I am confused now, since what I see at, is a complete wilde land of non-sene ! Are we really for peace and freedom? Or we are just here for the sake of arguing and putting down the other people?

I am very sick now and just come back from the hospital. When I turned on the PC and came to the site, I got frightened.

So much absurdities! So much hysteria, over what?

It seems that some of the bloggers here, need really to make their head get examined. At least, take your pills before coming to the site and writing your non-sense.

Enough is enough!

Either try to understand how to debate with the people, or stay out of the kitchen.

Let see what is going on.

Some people are here only for a political agenda.

Some others are here to talk and learn about politics , only.

Some people, are interested only to art and litterature, and stay away from other topics.

Some others, have an idea about almost everything, without being too passionate about politics, but want also to exchange their ideas in that matter.

The thing is, the ones who are engaged only in political debates, believe falsely, that they are “expert” in that domain!

If they hear an oppositing view, they resort to : insult, propaganda, lies, accusation, humiliation…….etc , etc. Hence the “hysteria” mount!

People, get reall:

1) You are nothing but the pure observants, residents of the west! You are not the opposition force against Iran. Because you are here 24/7 writing for a bunch of readers who are like yourself. You have plenty of time, but you use it in this site instead of doing something more substential. Nobody blame you! You are free to spend your time, as you wish. Like I do. But don’t take yourself so seriously!

2) You are against the regime? Fine.

Some people are “for” this regime, like it or not. Some others, are only against some aspects of the regime. This, belongs to every person. Hence : democracy! I bet it doesn’t sound nice to you! Does it? You can’t say to someone : Now I know your true color, because you say that you do agree with the regime, but then you had said at that time that you were against the regime! This shows only the depth of your ignorance!

Open your eyes! There exist people who are different than you, who think differet than you, who have the same right to express their views, as much as you do! Here it’s me:

1) I personally, am for the enrichment of uranium! Yes, I am.

2) I personally, am against terror, of any kind, by any group, against anyone!

3) I personally, condemn the military attack of Iraq by the Americans

4) I personally, condemn the military attack of Afghanistan by the Americans

5) I personally, condemn the attack of 9/11 by the Islamists

6) I peronally, condemn the atrocities of Israel against the Palestinians

7) I personally, condemn the arrest and torture and execution of our freedom fighters in Iran, by the IRI

And the list goes on!

See? in my list, there are both “For” and “Against” votes for the IRI, there are “For” and “Against” votes for the Islamists. But, nothing “FOR” the American military attack to no-where, and nothing “FOR” the Israeli government.

You don’t like it? You think I am hypocrite? Deal with it!

There are plenty of people in Iran, who think exactly like myself in this regard.

Go call them the “opportunists” the “hypocrites” the “paid agents” the “enemies “…attack them, kill them, do whatever you want to them! But face the truth:

This, is your country!

This, is your people!

You can’t stay here, writing hysteria, and believing in yourself, for an eternity!

You are not even a professional, a mature activist.

When you get irritated, you resort to name calling, moking the age and physical conditions of your opponent! What a low level partisan of democracy! Shame!

You get so much excited about the killing of a human being, you blame others for not participating in your party, accusing them of being for the regime!
It is so simple for you to launch accusation, because it makes your life easier! This way you don’t have to face the truth! You don’t loose face in front of your fans!

Terror and killing for political reason, is condemned in democracy! Deal with it!

The same way you judge the people, with a “black or white” sword, the same way they do this you : Are you really for democracy or not?

You can’t justify the terror of a scientist (which you always call only a Bassiji, just to legalize his murder ) by saying that in Nuremberg, they didn’t accept the defence like : He was doing his job!


But Nuremberg was a real court!

For your records, there were people, accused of “crime against the humanity” who were STILL heard and given a chance to defend themselves!

Learn the history! Understand it!

Don’t cut and paste it to your own interest!

You can’t kill someone on the street, just like this ,  only because you  SUSPECT that he is doing something against the humanity (which he has not done yet). Just because you THINK, that he MIGHT be plotting something against the humanity, doesn’t justify his terror.

You never believe in the IRI newspapers and information, but in this particular case, you take everything that is mentioned about him, by the IRI Media, just because it serves your purpose?

This is not a court! This is a kangaroo court!

And you call yourself the freedom fighters?

And you accuse and humiliate people who condamn such inhuman act?
And you call yourself the millitant for democracy?

I have a valuable a piece of advice for you : Take it easy!

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