The director mumbles and stumbles upon the stage and then is heard from no more !

This is a follow up to a posting I had on the joyfull yet dissapointing moment when the Golden Globe honor was bestowed upon the esteemed Iranian movie director for his work “A Seperation.”


What a thrill to practice, with my girls observing, my freedom of expression!  

I am cautiously pleased that most of the responses to my oppinion were by and large on the civil side.  This is a cultural rarity and I must admit quite pleasing.  

I appreciate, and clearly ‘get,’ the variety of views expressed in support of and in explanation of why the fine director was unable, unwilling or lacked the desire to step beyond the few mumbling words he uttered.  But I can’t say I am convinced nor am I impressed!

The current state of affairs in my homeland (to which I travel as much as I can, although with less frequency these years as my girls are growing) is so unbearably trajic that anyone and everyone given the opportunity should and must engage the broader issue of liberty and what the regime has done with it.

Indeed this is my personal view, albeit twisted based on some of the oppinions thrown my way!  

I was hoping to be moved by some of the ‘opposing arguments,’ but quite sadly none were credible enough to convince me a centilla!

Courage is expected of the few who are blessed with opportunities.  And a global stage is not to be wasted!  

Not to take anything away from the body of work the director presented, but his ‘win’ was just as much a political award and decision as was Madame Ebadi’s ‘Nobel Prize’ few years ago!  (Let us not kid ourserves.)

Just as Madame Ebadi lost her chance to stand apart, so did our fine director.  

Broken are many hearts that heard him mumble and fumble upon the stage the other night.  Let us see what he does at the Academy Awards if given even a broader stage and audience.  No guts, not glory.

(If you must respond, do so with civility!)       

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