‘Iran stealth subs could lie in wait to hunt hostile aircraft carriers’

TEHRAN – The deputy commander of the Armed Forces has said
that Iranian stealth submarines are able to lie in wait in the Persian
Gulf to target hostile aircraft carriers that are moving near them.  

an ordinary submarine submerges in the Persian Gulf, it could be the
worst threat to the enemy. It is one of the Americans’ fears because our
submarines are covered with coatings that do not allow sound to travel
through them and do not reflect sound waves sent by (enemy vessels’)
sonar systems,” Rear Admiral Farhad Amiri said in an interview with the
Fars News Agency published on Wednesday.  “When the submarine lies on the sea bed, it can easily target an aircraft carrier that is passing nearby,” he said.  Amiri also said that the enemy is not able to track Iranian submarines.  “Our
submarines have acquired the ability to position themselves at (the
proper) depth to watch enemy ships and submarines in a way that could
not be seen by them,” he explained.  Iran plans to launch new 500-ton submarine  Amiri
also announced that the domestically manufactured 500-ton Fateh
(Conqueror) submarine will be launched during the next Iranian calendar
year, which starts on March 20.    He added that the medium-sized submarine is equipped with most advanced torpedoes and sonar systems.  >>>

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