What can you do when your friends are taking opposite sides…

I thought I am a modern guy, trying to keep myself updated with 21st century, and open minded.

Yes! I agree Golshifteh has the right to express herself the way she feels like, I know, I know…but something broken inside of me …it can be my father’s father believes or my love for Gorafrid who still fighting and denying “love is the solution”, or may be Daash Akoul in me who can only express his love to a bird…what I am trying to find out is answer to this question “am I caged in my traditional believes or there is more to this feeling”.

What hunted me was the contrast of how I thought of her as symbol of Iranian girls who despite all the obstacles, they triumph and their pure beauty defies Hollywood cliché and, hustle magazine bareness.

Her face that could have been Michael Angelo work on a church ceiling..with eyes that tells stories of a generation…, but she knows where she is coming from, she knows what kind of pressure and insult her colleagues tolerating in Iran.

My world is collapsing, my believes in innocence and purity…may be that is her intention to break the taboo and make me to wash my eyes and look again.

My friends, be kind to each other.

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