The US Approach Goal for Iran Will Harm Both Iran And the USA.…

I was reading Fellow Iranians Responses recently, as they were wishing for a God & for this God to put Khomeini and Carter in Hell.  This reminded me yet again as if by coincidence why we call God in Iran “Khod-a”, Khod-Sakhte-a” for non Iranians the meaning of the word for God in Farsi translates in to created by me.  Muslims, Christians & Jews have distorted our reality because we forget they’re actually practicing fiction.  These Iranians wish, request or prayer reminded once again why having a God was originally really intended to help us find resilience and happiness in the face of the overwhelming injustices we face in this jungle we call earth.  

Yet our Ancestors, like Ahura Mazda knew this life is all we know that exists for certain it & beyond this life no one knows either way.  Since it is unlkely that there is a God or Heaven or Hell the way many of us need and secretly wish for, since there is knowledge and Ignorance, the known and the unknown, good and evil, our ancestors created for themselves and gave us a unique culture and language that is uniquely more truthful & moral.  A culture that pursues peace, progress, human rights, freedom, justice and seeks as it’s #1 priority to remove lies from our lives.  This culture is today under attack from within by islam which is not compatible with developed modern life and by western cultures that want this system of islam for iran to keep it weak & backwards.  So unlike our real Culture, Western culture is not something that is smart for us to emulate as it is based on giving people choices with various degrees of coercion, deceit and manipulation (all intended to harm and enslave people by spreading lies Regarding its own goodness).  Persian culture historically does not need wars to thrive and historically has been at is best based on giving people genuine choices based not on lies, but on removing lies.  Noble People living in Peace represents Persian culture at its best, since we discovered that morally speaking living in peace is always good, beautiful and true.

So this life and our conscience is what we have for sure and we therefore have a duty to do the best we
can for ourselves (defined as the entire body of humanity, all of us and all creation), by making this world a “Pardis” paradise and not waiting for a
hell or heaven or supreme judge.  Carter and Zbigniew did not know our culture or our views that by
hurting others (not just Iranians) so visciously we believe that he really hurt himself
and all of humanity.  The views as expressed in the shahnameh is a reflection of pursuing justicie against those who harm peace, that is our culture.  So the late shah’s approach was correct based on our Persian pre-islamic Culture, “if you do not
harm anyone… it is impossible to harm yourself.”

Indeed the late Shah was harmed, but not
because he harmed others as his record is clear that he did not allow untried people to be harmed (although his record is lied about intensely).  He was harmed by those making agreements with him with
the intention of betraying him, in order to harm and dominate his people. 
Upon reflection we know that the Shahs era was one of Peace, Progress & Human Rights.  With the
creation of Savak, the inhumane practices that had historically occurred before and in his early days in power (though at the police level and not based on his orders)
in Iran were stopped and so Savak was a massive step in the Right
direction for Human Rights in Iran (depite being feared). 

Since the Shah acted justly, this is a key reason to
have optimism and real hope that Iran will emerge from this nightmare
Free and Healthier than Iran was before, and no thanks to the
USA/UK/France.  The West led by the USA loves Islam in power in Iran and will do nothing
to remove the regime.  War is unnecessary to
remove the IRI, taking IRI out is easy in light of the majority of
people who want to see them gone.  The thing is, the USA loves islam for
Iran because no other form of government could reach the goals the USA
has for Iran & the Region.  Goal #1 for the west is to keep Iranian people poor, uneducated and their
national consumption suppressed by mismanagement.  The
reason the USA still to this day hates the Shah and disingenuously labels him a
dictator is because he triumphed despite their aims against iranians and had to be
taken care of.  They wanted a dependent, controllable country and he was moving iran towards total independence and increasing freedom rapidly.  Accomplishents like those in the video below by the late shah in opposition to the wests orders are what keep the west up at Night and holding on tightly to the IRI and mullahs.


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