Potato is the devil!

Last year one of my protégés from Harvard, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, published a study that said don’t eat potatoes, they are the devil!  I am not kidding here’s an article on his study.

In case you’re wondering, most of my protégés are from Harvard and MIT, about 50/50 split but this guy woldn’t listen to me!  I told him baba, take it easy, say at least 90% of potato goes to your gut or ass, no? ok how about 95%? but he wouldn’t listen and went with full 100%!

I thought the world would come to an end and the study would become major news and people would quit eating potatoes like they quit smoking cigarettes.  But the news didn’t go far and didn’t get much traction.  Although, the Potato Farmers Association (there is an association for everything) cried foul at the onset and later Congress, yes Congress, pushed to have more fries in school lunches!  That’ll teach the Iranians! 

I told Dr. Mozaffarian, how can you not have potato in your diet?  Can you have a sandwich without chips, hamburger without fries, steak without baked potato, country breakfast without home fries, gheymeh without fried potato, gravy without mashed potatoes??!

Furthermore, a million people died in Ireland in the Great Irish Famine between 1845 – 1852 and now you’re saying don’t eat the potato? Aren’t we risking the lives of millions of people if they follow through?  WTF?!

I for one am not giving up on potatoes and will have my 3 small roasted red potatoes halves for lunch (used to have 3 full ;-).  Poor vegeterians who have potato as a staple in their diet.  That’ll teach them not to be a vegan!  I guess I’d recommend to have potatoes with something else as an equalizer, like beets in this blog’s photo, so that the negative effect of potato is washed away, or exercise more.  But I don’t think that the good Doctor would agree and will stubbornly say, just say no to potatoes!

Vaghen ke Viva la fiesta, viva la noche (WTF?) official video ; you can dance with this song and have your potato!

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