Navid coming to San Francisco

In case you’re thinking of throwing a party, right around 6:15 P.M. on Feburary 6 Iran’s Navid satellite will pay an 8 minute (or so) visit to the San Francisco Bay Area. It will fly almost directly over the Golden Gate Bridge then head on over to the 580 freeway to say hello to Iranians in the Richmond-El Cerrito area. Hopefully it won’t be too foggy.

Tracking the satellite on this tracking site, I saw it (as of 1:26 PM Pacific Time) pass over Liverpool and Moscow, now heading for Kazakhstan.

To find out if and when Navid will show up in your neighborhood, go to this 5 day prediction site, and figure it out for yourself. By the way, I wouldn’t mind if someone in the SF Bay Area double checked my date and time here. We don’t want to throw a party and not have Navid show up!

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