Reform is the urgently needed

It has happened again, the Security Council in UN has proven itself to be completely incompetent and in badly needed reform. Just as Monarchy in Europe or Christianity that transformed itself from an absolute dictatorship and governance based of century-old rules that proved to be obsolete for the present time, UN needs to transform itself to the 21st century realities to serve all its member States.

 Today’s news of Russia and China exercising their God-given veto power to protect a criminal dictator in Syria is no more and no less despicable than the US protection, thru often times veto, of another criminal regime in Middle East, the Israel.

 All this events only proves that the Security council in UN itself needs reform since it has become a bargaining tool for a handful of nations to play a game with the lives of people in the world.

‘Hambastegi is the main key to victory’ 



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