I kissed a tiger

I met up with Fabrice (French), Jenn (French), Heather (American) and Emilco (Columbian) at the corner of Rivadavia and Pueyrredon avenues in Buenos Aires yesterday to take the number 57 bus to Lujan Zoo where, unbelievably, visitors can touch tigers and lions. We not only touched them, but I actually kissed a Bengal tiger! The hot summer sun (and being in a cage all day, every day) sapped the energy of the animals. That was good for us to be able to go near them in a calm state without being (too) afraid. Never thought I’d live to get so close to wild animal, let alone kiss it! >>> photo essay

There were at least six adult Bengal tigers in this cage:

The goats were a riot, pushing and shoving to eat animal feed off my hand:

The geese and ducks were most persistent, and fearless!

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