War and Peace … or Love

Chimpanzees are the closest animal to us. In the typical chimp groups, there are 2 females for each male, because the males are constantly busy fighting one another and/or the neighboring chimps.  

Most boys love the “war games”. Give a boy kid a stick and he is going to use it as sword or spear. Give the same to a little girl, and she may try to raise a tent, using her mother’s Chador … to serve tea and cookies inside.  

We love to fight and they like to love. Women love their mothers, sisters, children … they even love us!  

Make no mistake; we don’t like to make “love” … although most men enjoy a good fuck. Fucking is like fighting … several key strategic points need to be conquered … domination over the critical areas should be established … finally there is a lot of wrestling and spearing.  

For the past 10,000 years; women (yes forget about Abraham and Moses … pay attention to the wives behind them) have been trying hard to “civilize” us and turn the clock back to the time when we were “Adam”.

 I only have one thing to say to them: Good Luck!

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