Yes AIPAC, please save us!!!

They say AIPAC is planing this and that. Youve heard the spiel literally a thousand times before. 

Well I say, God speed to AIPAC!!

AIPAC is planing to rid us all of the retards that have been ruling Iran for the past 33 years. They actually will do the Iranian nation a service by raising the average IQ of the Persian race. Just look at the fools that continue to rule Iran. (I especially love the Napolean slogan!)

What have the “reformists” and greenies and west residing Islamists done in the past 33 years? Answer: They cant do shit. End of story. So it’s time to send the big boys in to do the job. Do Republicans want a war? Let them have one! Liberate Iran from Zahak and his dark rule!

Yes AIPAC! Clowns like Trita Parsi and the IRI groupies on IC wont tell you, but living under shit like this is not zendegee. It is jendegee.

Living under a regime whose leaders think with their penises instead of their brains (see image above) is not something I would wish to preserve for future generations!

Iranians and their 7000 year history have yet to learn from the US and it’s puny 300 year history. They have yet to learn that:

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.”

As an Iranian, I would rather see Iran bombed to smithereens, and arise once again from the ashes, anew, like the Qoqnoos (Phoenix).

This is not life Iranians have. This is shame

Please AIPAC, put Iran out of its miserable existence. Only you can do it.

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