Malaysia, shame on you!

3 innocuous tweet entries on Feb. 4th, the Muslim prophet’s birthday:

“On your birthday, I will say that I have loved the rebel in you, that you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me, and that I do not like the halos of divinity around you. I shall not pray for you.

On your birthday, I find you wherever I turn. I will say that I have loved aspects of you, hated others, and could not understand many more.

On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile at you as you smile at me. I shall speak to you as a friend, no more.”

Having been accused of insulting the prophet, a charge which carries death penalty, even after apologizing, the author of the 3 tweets, the 23-year-old Saudi, Hamza Kashgari had to flee his country.

While in Kuala lumpur seeking political asylum from New Zealand, the authorities in the majority Muslim Malaysia which DOES NOT have an extradition treaty with Arabia, arrested and quickly deported him back there to face those thirsting for his blood.

This shameful act by Malaysia will not soon be forgotten.

There are thousands of Iranians in Malaysia; some of them outspoken critics of Muslim rule in Iran, with what the authorities have done to Hamza, the lives of those Iranians are in danger as well.

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