I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Milad Pooran who is running for US Congress (Democrat – MD 6th) last weekend. Milad is a 35 year old doctor who has also served in the US Airforce. Milad also happens to be the only non-lawyer running for this seat! He was incredibly impressive on all issues dear to any “progressive” ‘s heart – from healthcare to education. As for “war” – he stands vehemently against any pre-emptive war by the US, any where in the world, especially after the Iraq debacle.

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The election is coming up in a matter of days and every single $ counts. We are getting very close to having our first Iranian-American in the US Congress, and I personally hope Milad would be our guy. “Placement” is very important for any minority group, and especially if you are a democrat, I would full heartedly ask that you support Milad.

What touched me the most in a private conversation with Milad, was him acknowledging that there are too many “lawyers” in the US political arena. Milad told me that Thomas Jefferson had wanted it to be different, with a more varied cross section of professions represented.  More doctors, more teachers, more nurses, more designers, you catch the drift. They each look at life through their own unique prisms, and just as i hope the US ends up with more than the mere 17% female representaion it currently has in Congress, (lowest among many developed nations), I also hope to see a change in terms of professions being represented. Milad got me to dig deep into my purse: as a Doctor, as an Iranian-American, and as a compassionate and highly intelligent individual. Please do go to the website and support, volunteer and donate. Thank you. Afsaneh Mirfendereski  Chevy Chase, MD.

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