With all the wars and talk of wars that are going on these days from civil wars to wars of aggression …

With all the springs and falls of the uprisings …

I thought to share with you a thoughtful poem written couple years ago by a poet friend of mine, Anna.

Hope you like it as much as I do. 

P.S.  The painting is ” Girl with a Mandolin ” Picasso 



I have been a strange dog,

limping, whimpering

cowering, licking my wounds,

in unfamiliar lands

of devastation that is Modern Life, I am

blind in the righteous sun of obligations, how to count

for something other than words falling by

the wayside of 10000 peace marches,

candle lit in holy nights

and swelling tongues of silence, raging


bitter ashes, dust to dust,


oh, we are but lonely caravans, silk roads,

holy temples lost to bombs and bullets,

blood and salt,

meet desert sands

and ocean blooms

red in swollen eyes

shooting stars pass…

and this too shall pass…

who are we if not the last generation

of vagabonds,

of warriors,

of blue skies

and burning apple blossoms….



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