Nuking Iran

With advocates of military action against Iran beating war drums so loudly that they are drowning out sanity the rest of us are facing a situation where going over the cliff like lemmings is supposedly only a few months away.

So deafening has this become that one vital fact is missing: a military strike on Iran’s civilian nuclear installations will be a nuclear attack in terms of the radioactive contamination that will be released by these so called “bunker busters”.

Cleaning up this toxic crime against humanity will be impossible and will result in deformities and genetic damage for generations of Iranians, as well as those in nearby countries, with estimates of those that will be irreversibly poisoned in the millions.

Some who advocate military attack, a preventable crime against humanity and the biosphere, claim that it is justified because the current regime in Iran is similar to Hitler’s and is determined to instigate a second Holocaust. A couple of extremists may talk such nonsense but most certainly Iran or Iranians would never be a party to such a crime that was invented by Europeans.

Others justify it because removing the regime is in America’s “vital national interest” – meaning military, commercial, and political domination of the Middle East, but this is never openly declared but is camouflaged under the pure and righteous mission of bringing about “human rights” or “democracy”. Not mentioned is the 20 plus TRILLION dollars worth of hydrocarbons under Iran’s territory.

As an Iranian who has lived for decades in America and Europe, and now lives in Iran, and has many Jewish American friends, I find it astonishing that these advocates for what would amount to a war crime are being given megaphones to broadcast their criminal intentions through main street media outlets while only a tiny minority is objecting.

What is also shocking to witness is advanced democracies behaving like marauding Neanderthals while fooling themselves into thinking that because they are using high-tech killing machines this gives them a veneer of civility and superiority. Civilized savagery is still savagery no matter how similar to a sequel to “Terminator” it happens to be.

Regime change is an internal issue for Iranians living in Iran, and not anybody else’s business. History is on our side as never have oppressive dictators been able to stay in power.

The social evolution of Iran is up to Iranians that are living here and we do not need any assistance in the forms of bombs or sanctions. In fact if the sanctions were lifted ordinary Iranians would be in a far stronger position as private businesses would flourish and be able to export and become a counterbalance to state run corporations.

Sanctions have only strengthened the regime and all this war talk has increased their restrictions on the limited freedoms we have here.

Iranians will bring about democracy and the rule of law to Iran and will do so on their own and in their own way.

Any interference by warmongering Iranian exiles or Israeli’s seeking to keep their monopoly on power projection in the region by taking preventive military action will only set back freedom for Iranians in Iran, and most likely trigger a region wide war that will last for decades, boost oil prices, and cause generational crimes against unborn innocents.

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