In Memory of My Loved Ones – Tehran & Shomal


Roses were the same roses

Cemetery was exactly where I left it

The same old road

The same old benches

Only trees were grown to be as tall as the years that I haven’t been there

And there, beneath the trees, the bitter sorrow was anticipating my return…….

I sat and washed my mother’s tombstone with the tears of my heart

I placed the roses on it and kissed it a thousand times

I closed my eyes and let the old streets carry me to our house

Rushing to take one final picture from the old walls

The old fireplace

The old paintings

Even the century old walnut table didn’t hesitate to pose for me……

On my way to the Caspain Sea

I found the old teahouse where I used to snipp the tea of life

Oh, how, I had been missing its taste and its warmth………

I reached the sea and opened the gate to the memories

The magnificent garden

The dazzling orange trees

The house, the stairways, everything remained intact

But the occupants were gone

I knew that I shouldn’t have stayed away for that long…..

I picked roses from my uncle’s garden by the sea

And walked through the grandpa’s land to give it to their souls as a gift

Autumn and the raining leaves were singing a soothing song

I still carry that song in my heart ……..


aka darya

Pictures that I took accompanied by a heartfelt old song.

In Memory of My Loved Ones / Tehran & Shomal

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