The Oscars acceptance speech Farhadi never gave…

I want to thank the members of the academy for finally recognizing quality moviemaking. For 33 years, we Iranian filmmakers have been making depressing movies about self-serving women and righteous men with endings that left audiences scratching their heads, wondering vaaate faak just happened. And for 33 years the academy ignored us. We perfected the art of long sighs, countless quiet scenes that lead to other quiet scenes, artificial sexual tensions followed by occasional but unintentional gay scenes.  Our great actors can make miserable faces that even make fellini get on his knees and cry for a day or two. And academy simply ignored us. We revolutionized filmmaking by taking overdramatic to a level that would push a happy child on a bottle of Prozac to the edge of insanity. Yes, we Iranian filmmakers are the masters of noefantasyrealism. On behalf of Iranian people and filmmakers, especially those that are not in solitary confinement, I would like to say, you finally got it right, bitches.   Thank you

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