Happy Birthday JJ !

Tomorrow 3rd March, is your Birthday. I wanted to take the chance on such occasion , to say how much I love you and how much I am grateful to you, for having provided this space for us, to say everything we want and at any day we want. Even if you don’t like what we say, even if sometimes, we are becoming too harsh to you, but you are always so generous, so kind and so cool towards all of us, the members of the site.

You are a very great soul, Jahanshah. You are so much patient, you are unique and wonderful.

I know , I know you must be smiling now, because you don’t see my usual me now, talking this nice to you 🙂

But, as I said, I wanted to break my usual habit, on this pre-day of your Birthday to say, how wonderful you are in my eyes.

And you won’t hear this from me, until your next Birthday, next year !

For now, this is my gift for you, on your BD, aziz.

Enjoy it right now, as we don’t know if tomorrow we will be in mood of celebrating after the today’s events in Iran:

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