Hussein at AIPC

President Obama will address the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in a few hours.

For the triumvirate of the Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of lefty allies, AIPAC represents devil’s helper. There is rarely a diatribe by the triumvirate in which they do not unload on AIPAC.

Israel and Iran are historic and strategic allies. AIPAC’s Iran policy matches perfectly with that of those Iranians who yearn for the emancipation of Iran from the tyranny of the warmongering, nuclear weapon acquiring, Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming and murdering messianic Muslim rulers, “reformers” and all.

And that is just another reason for the triumvirate to hate AIPAC with so much gusto.

Unlike the current lobbies which are fortified with oil money and influence focused on facilitating a “Grand Bargain” with the ruling cabal in Iran, after the fall of the barbarians, an advocacy group modeled on AIPAC and dedicated to safeguarding the security and benefits of Iran, her people and not the rulers is a must.

Until that blessed day comes, you lovelies, keep on dispensing your venom; it ain’t gonna make a bit of difference.

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