8000 +

Even as a distant observer, the number of men, women and children, especially children, being slaughtered in Syria- the latest count is over 8000, with over 500 of them children-is very hard on the soul.

In face of the sane world’s Laissez-faire attitude, the savage Syrian Battists, the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) and their terrorist house boy, the Lebanese Hezbollah are committing crime against humanity.

The Syrian newspapers are proudly touting their success at “cleansing” the Baba-Amr neighborhood in Homs where they murdered hundreds upon hundreds. In addition to their rooftop snipers, courtesy of their IRR ally, the savage Battists used tanks and fixed artillery batteries to indiscriminately shell the entire town for days.

Now they have moved on to the next town to be “cleansed.”

What is the sane world waiting for?

Do something; Syrian people are human beings, what are all those super-duper air forces good for if they cannot be used for humanitarian pursuits?

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