IC users in one sentence

What would each and every one of the IC users say if they only had one or two sentences to say it? Would they use that one sentence to defend the mullahs by spewing more and more crap about Israel and zionism? (see picture above). Or would they use that one sentence to condemn the US? Or would they use that one sentence to say something else? Here’s my take on IC users:


  • ROOZBEH_GILANI: Fight the Mullahs!
  • Disenchanted: Marg bar Amrikaa! 
  • MOHAMMAD ALA: Reveal to us your identity, so the Islamic Republic will know who you and your family are! Oh and by the way, Fred should be muzzled!
  • Darius Kadivar: What the hell is happening to Syria!
  • Yolanda: What the hell is happening to Iran!
  • Shifteh Ansari: Yolanda! I’ll help you with that!
  • پندارنیک: I’m a miserable little mo’men who every night puts needles thru voodoo dolls of Fred, and then sacrifices a chicken roo be ghebleh!
  • Anonymous Observer: A hairy Persian is a scary Persian!
  • JJ: yaaay! I’m riding a lama in Machu Picchu, and here’s a photo album of it! 
  • Admin: I think I’ll just delete half of that guy’s post, even though he said nothing! I’ll let everybody know I exist!
  • VPK: Whatever you say, I’ll say the exact opposite, just so I can haaleto begeeram! 
  • Maryam Hojjati: I hope those mullahs suffer from their own doing one day!
  • Anahid Hojjati:…hey wait…why does Fesenjoon keep confusing me with Maryam? 🙂 
  • Red Wine: Please dont say anything bad against Iranians!
  • Bavafa: Anyone who disagrees with me is a khaa’en!
  • Demo: ei khodaaaaaa!! I too wish I was a Palestinian like Bavafa and Pendar!
  • مآمور: My name says it all. I am ma’moor (the agent).
  • amirparvizforsecularmonarchy: I want to have the longest user name on IC!
  • Hafez for Beginners: I am educated. You are not.
  • Vildemose: My purple kitty loves sunflowers! 
  • Masoud Kazemzadeh: NIAC are a bunch of liars! Why cant you people see this?
  • OOn Yaroo: Masoud, now that’s Harfe Hesaab!
  • AMIR1973: Do you people have the guts to accept the truth?
  • Abarmard: I’m a closet Islamist!
  • Ari Siletz: So am I!
  • IRAJ KHAN: I’m even outside the closet! ha ha!
  • SOOSAN KHANOOM: I dont like Fesenjoon. I think I’m gonna flag his posts!
  • Souri: Read my posts! I’m important! Me ! Me ! Meeee!
  • Simorgh5555: Exposing the IRI khayeh-maals…one at a time!
  • Iraj Yamin Esfandiary: My cartoons depict what a jew-hater I am! 
  • عموجان: I am cool. So should you.
  • Fesenjoon2: This blog proves I am definitely beekaar on this fine saturday.
  • Tiger Lily: pfffffffffffffft….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!!
  • Fred: ای نازنین ای نازنین در آینه ما را ببین (singing)
  • Khers: !خاک تو سرتون کنن
  • Latina: Yuck!


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