J Street Conference: “What If Israel Attacks Iran?”

J Street, a Jewish American organization that describes itself as “pro-Israel, pro-peace,” has been trying to position itself as a viable alternative to AIPAC for Americans who may descirbe themselves as “Zionist” but believe in the two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.  Roughly speaking, while AIPAC’s policy views on the Middle East correspond to that of Israel’s Likud, J Street’s correspond to Israel’s Peace Now, or what is sometimes labeled as “liberal Zionism.”  Here are J Street’s Policy Positions on Iran (including a video) and other issues.

So far, AIPAC has been dismissive of and antagonistic towards J Street.  And the latter organization cannot yet come close in influence to that of the former in American government circles.  Contrary to AIPAC’s recent conference, featuring Netanyahu and attended by about 13000, which was widely reported in the media, J Street’s recent conference, attended by 2500, was hardly heard of.  But, since it would interest viewers of this site, here’s their panel discussion on Iran, chaired by Barbara Slavin, at their latest conference:

In the video, Telhami is referring to this recent poll.

And, while on the topic of Iran-Israel threat of war, here are the latest episodes of luv-terekoondan between the two (with the obligatory but varied renditions of Lennon’s “Imagine”):


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