Israel Loves Iran … fecked

It is the classic David-and-Goliath story, all over again. Except in this case, instead of killing him, the smart and nimble David is fecking the bejesus out of the big and ugly barbarian.

In Tehran, everyone is wondering why Israel would want to bomb the atomic sites? Why not the Bayt of Rahbar? Why not the Sepah headquarters? Well, the answer is simple: “Israel loves Iran” … and they are showing their affection by fecking it up and down, through and true … instead of the crude and simple bombing.

The little David knows that bombing a couple of radioactive sites is not going to change a thing about the Islamic regime. It will only strengthen their resolve, through internal power consolidation, and may even buy them some international sympathy.

Instead, by fecking the IRI every which way from Saturday (the jewish shabbat); Israel is on track to turn Iran into another poor, desperate and divided Middle Eastern country.

You ask; what the feck is going on? Well, these days, try to exchange rial with dollar in Tehran. Try to import something, with a bank draft or LC. Try any monetary transaction involving Dollar or Euro with the west, period.

If you are lucky, someone knows someone who may know some filthy rich (did I say filthy?) Indian or Chinese trader, who promises … just promises … to deliver your medical supply, if and only if you provide them with cash upfront … and personal.

For those who have never traded with an Indian or a Chinese Shylock: they are the people hard at work to show how “generous” the good old Jewish trader was at Shakespeare’s Venice. These guys can actually extract butter from a Jew’s beaten Shiite!

Iranian people don’t give a hoot about the nuclear program; don’t care the Shiite about yellow cake; don’t believe that nuclear power will ever come close to replacing the oil. Today, what they care about is the exchange rate of $$$, the price of gold, the inflation rate … the SWIFT banking embargo.

A cab driver told me that: the Mullahs must be the stupidest idiots on the face of earth. When I asked; sure but why? He replied: because one signature on the grand nuclear bargain of 2008 would have guaranteed their rein for generations to come!

Well, instead, they can now suck on sweet David’s diddly.

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