Does Iran need Nuclear Technology?

In recent years the subject of nuclear technology and nuclear facilities in Iran has dominated other news in the country, and in the international media. Some Iranians support it arguing that Iran has the right to have nuclear facilities for its peaceful purposes. Other Iranians are against it, arguing the following:

– Iran has vast reservoir of oil, gas, and other minerals for her energy, revenue, and other needs.

– Iran needs oil refinery plants to produce gasolin and other oil related byproducts for internal needs of her people, and to become independant of imports of such expensive products.

– Like many other countries, Iran can purchase enriched uranium for medical purposes from international resourses.

– In recent years, manmade or natural accidents in nuclear plants in some countries with more advanced technology, like Russia and Japan, has immencely harmed its own people and neighbouring countries.

– Considering these accidents, some countries like Germany are considering reduction or dismanteling of their present nuclear plants.

– Countries like Pakistan or N. Korea that have built nuclear facilities, have hard time feeding their people, or providing their basic needs. Yet, many progressed countries are not eager to have nuclear facilities, and would rather invest on more important needs of their people.

– Considering huge financial investment of Iranian governments in nuclear technology during the past several decades, not only it has not produced any benefit so far, it has caused suspecian, mistrust, sanction, and probability of a war imposed on Iranian people.

I would like to know your openion on the subject, and I thank you in advance for your comments.

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