Human Rights & Responsibilities

Jim Ife (2010) asserts that essential to the concept of a culture of human rights is the knowledge of “rights and responsibilities” to be defined, conveyed, and recognized primarily in culture rather than in law. Pointing out to the culture rather than law accentuates the importance of relationship in human rights and positions us in the right direction for the achievement of our humanity.

To put it in simple terms, our humanity stems from and flourishes in our relationships rather than in our courtrooms. Thus, this focused attention on culture of human rights and relationships based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes interactions within families, friendships, associations, work collaborations, and public spaces as well as within communities and, to a great extend, within international relationships. It is within these connections and bonds that human rights and responsibilities can be discovered and experienced in day-to-day life experiences.

Based on this view, 12Petals Media Group eagerly works to emphasize the centrality of culture to the achievement of human rights. This distinct and intended preference relies on ‘people power’ and requires empowerment from below (bottom-to-top approach). Placing our trust in culture propels us towards working to expand a firm, viable, and community-based culture that defines, respects, and upholds human rights. Such communities that are firmly committed to human rights principles appreciate other community members’ contributions and function on consensus and non-violent decision-making. Furthermore, they accept self-responsibility and strongly demand transparency and accountability from their leaders.

And it is with this perspective that 12Petals Media Group values the importance of advocacy/outreach work for the human rights and responsibilities’ ideals through art, film, music, poetry, writing, and so on and by collaborating with like-minded individuals. (p. 139-140)

12Petals takes pride in being a part of on-going advocacy and outreach efforts everywhere to promote human rights principles, individual rights, and the right to the individual initiative.

Below, you will find the list of our presented advocacy works that have been shared on numerous on-line media sites. Please help us to reach more people! Share them with your family, friends, and beyond as you deem them essential and valuable.

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Ife, Jim. “Human Rights From Below”, Cambridge University: Australia, 2010


Artwork Credit:

Artist: Anna Felisha Ott

Artwork: 12Petals Media Group, Rights & Responsibilities. 2012

The list of 12Petals Media Group’s presented works in alphabetical order:


  • “A Boat I will Shape”
 – Poem By: Sohrab Sepehri


  • Advocacy for a Culture of Human Rights and Responsibilities


  • Cherishing the Right to the Individual Initiative


  • Cultural Heritage and Human Rights


  • Culture of Human Rights Cultivates Tolerance


  • Culture of Human Rights Short Film Production


  • Culture of Human Rights Values the Principle of “Process” – Means & Ends


  • Democracy, Tyranny, & Liberty


  • Dialogue is the Modus Operandi for the Culture of Human Rights


  • Embracing our Differences


  • Equality, Freedom, & Respect


  • Favoritism, Cronyism, and Nepotism are Barriers to the Culture of Human Rights Cultivation


  • Freedom Means the Supremacy of Human Rights Everywhere


  • Genocide is the Systematic or Mass Violation of Human Rights


  • Human Integrity


  • Human Rights are Women’s Rights: Women’s Rights are Human Rights


  • Human Rights Everywhere and for Everyone


  • Human Rights is a Historical Shared Journey – Love Human Rights


  • No human expression reaches into the soul, as does art


  • Other Rights


  • Protect Human Rights Defenders – Protect One. Empower a Thousand

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  • Protect People and their Human Rights or Accept their Revolution


  • Protecting each other’s Human Rights is Commendable

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  • Question Authority — Uphold and Protect your Rights


  • Respect Others – Respect Individuality


  • Right to Dissent


  • The Hallmark of a Democratic System of Justice: Innocent Until Proven Guilty


  • The International Bill of Human Rights — (The Covenants)

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  • Two Major Fallacious Arguments: 1) Ad Hominem and 2) Ad Populum

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  • What is the Philosophy of Liberty?

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12Petals Media Group strives to be a union of visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, cinematographers, playwrights, social entrepreneurs and more, all coming together to produce inspired multimedia pieces that promote and encourage respect for those rights protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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