The other Neda

There are thousands of other Nedas in Iran. Their blood is on the hand of those who killed them and the shameless propagandists who try to divert the people’s attention away from these victims and a criminal regime who continues to kill our brothers and sisters in Iran. Do you believe that these leeches who have never shed a tear for anything but blood money in their bank accounts would care about the fate of a victim in another land? This is not just being a hypocrite; this is being a complete bastard.

Of course the crimes of the Russian backed Akhond Mafia is rarely photographed but there are endless lists of victims. Here are the names of some of the fallen angles of Iran in 2009 uprising and a link to more.

Fatemeh Samsarian, killed during the silent march in Azadi Sqaure on 15 June, her son was also shot

Taraneh Mousavi, was arrested on 28 June near to the Masjed Ghoba, she was reported as disappeared for several weeks and finally her burned body was found around Ghazvin. It was reported that she was severely sexually abused while she was in detention. Her case was denied by the State while the reformist candidate, Karoubi, revealed the entire story.

Sorour Bromand, 58, was shot and killed in Tehran on 15 June 2009

Fatemeh Rajab Pour, 38, was shot and killed in Tehran on 15 June 2009

Tina Soudi, shot and killed in Enghelab Square on 25 June

Fatemeh Barati, student, died during the attacks on Tehran University dormitories

Fahimeh Salahshour, 25, died due from head injuries on 15 June in Tehran

Mobina Ehterami, student in Tehran, died during the attack on Tehran University dormitories on 14 June

Maryam MehrAzin, 24, shot and killed on Azadi Street

Parisa Keli, 25, shot in the neck on 21 July on Keshavarz Boulevard in Tehran

Saeedeh Pouraqaee, died in custody after being arrested by plainclothes Basij officers while chanting “Allah-u-Akbar” on a rooftop. After 20 days, her body was identified by her mother in a cold storage facility in southern Tehran. She was beaten while in custody and acid was poured on her body. She was secretly buried by security forces in Section 302 of Behesht Zahra Cemetery.


 There are thousands and thousands of other victims killed by the paymasters of these blood stained bloggers. So here is my message to you IRI propagandists: Fuck You

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