Multiple IDs on

Ever since has required those who wish to leave a comment to register, with their real identity or a pseudonym, the multiple ID usage has become even more prominent.

No, this short write-up is not about those who try to buttress their own opinion though leaving supportive comments under different IDs.

And it is not about a half dozen or so such peculiarities that have been brought up by other bloggers.

This is about those individuals who at the instance of their ID being blocked for violating the site’s stated rules, come right back up with a new ID which has been registered long time ago.

In another words, there is a premeditated intent on their part to break the site’s rules knowing full well all it costs is to “burn” another previously registered persona.

Although the similarity between this practice and that of the security and judicial authorities in Iran who use multiple IDs is inescapable, it also speaks of a mindset that it is acceptable to plan ahead for breaking established rules of conduct in a civilized society.

For the sake of Iran & Iranians, this type of mindset which its holders at times boast about it as zerangi, needs to be scrutinized and publicly discussed.

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