The troublesome “Islamic tenets”

Chief among the reasons given why the Islamists in Iran are not in violation of numerous UNSC resolutions and after weaponized nuke, it is said nuke bomb is “forbidden in Islam.”

Fine, lets be a doofus and disregard the mountain of evidence pointing to the contrary.

Lets also make believe the state of Pakistan which is built on Islam and is a declared nuclear weapon state, is in direct violation of basic Islamic tenets.

If one were to buy the religious prohibition explanation, Logic dictates all other stuff being done by the Islamist rulers in Iran must NOT be “forbidden in Islam.”

In other words, for example, raping, maiming and stoning to death Iranian men, women and children are part of the Islamic tenants.

Or, lying is permissible in the basic Islamic tenet, because, for years the Islamist regime denied backing terrorist gangs, then all of a sudden said that they have been all along and will proudly do so in the future.

Relying on the “basic Islamic tenets” to explain away the weaponized nuke program creates more questions than it answers.

Leave the religion of Islam out of it!

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