Astrology Report for 23-26 April 2012 Moon in Gemini or Khordad

The Moon will go to Gemini around 6pm in UK tomorrow Monday. So the mood changes, from what I have accumalated (Taurus), or have, or are worth, to where I go (Gemini). Now the word “go” means a lot. You are curious right? Well that is it. Go in the mind, is curiosity. It also applies to outside of the mind. Go next door. Fly. Pick up the phone. Text. All sorts of communication. This famous commercial pretty much gives you the feeling of it.…

It is actually the first simple form of contact, be it physical or mental. To recap, Aries is the I am, then it is the I have Taurus, now it’s the I connect. That is Gemini. The energy moves in two opposite directions at the same time. Two thoughts. Logic, as in yes or no. All that deductive stuff comes from this reasoning process in Gemini.

In Persian we call Gemini Khordad. The word Kherad is linked to it. Simply put in layman’s language, it is the process of getting to the truth with communication. The operative word is “process”. So you see all that interactive chitter chatter, talking natter etc etc, that it takes to figure out what’s going on, that’s Gemini or Khordad. Can go on forever. Lol

As the Moon is in Gemini, planets associated with Gemini become important. Mercury is associated with Gemini, as it moves very fast and has a peculiar rotation about itself. The Greeks call him Hermes or Hormuz in Persian. The Persian and Greek cosmology is very similar. Read more here One side is always facing away from the Sun, and the other side in facing towards the Sun. And so why we have it ruling Gemini. This video is some basic astronomy on Mercury.…

Now Mercury is getting really close to Uranus, and the moment is again perfect for all sorts of corporate communications. So reason with everyone. Ask why all the time. On Tues and Wednesday Moon will connect with Venus and then good angles with Saturn. So all matters of love and legal work are well taken care of.

The good angles of Sun with Mars and Pluto are still driving the productivity. So get the word out and really communicate your worth. But be careful not too spread yourself out too much, or get mentally stressed out. Once you get all that done, you will be ready to calm down when Moon enters Cancer.

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