Trita’s secret

Ever since Istanbul meeting between 5+1 and the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), there are lots of talks about resolution to the nuke crisis.

Although IRR and few lobbyists frame the crises as rooted in the peace loving Islamists trying to break, as they claim, the regional nuclear hegemony of the warmongering Israel, the facts on the ground do not support this premise.

The regional states like the Saudis have a declared policy of going nuclear should Islamist Rapists do so, a position they’ve never taken vis-à-vis Israel.

In fact, the historic enmity between the Iranians and Arabs beats the manufactured rivalry with Israelis by a factor of gazillion.

In other words, those who advocate a “grand bargain” in which IRR is accepted as a nuke-ready state are, at best, suffering from tunnel vision.

One sobering fact which is dismissed out of hand by the “Grand Bargain” advocates is that a nuke-ready IRR would mean the North Korea model, Iranians kissing the hope of emancipation from the tyranny of Islamist rule goodbye.

However, the fact treated as a big secret which they don’t like to talk about it at all is the undemocratic, violence prone and unstable rulers in the Meddle East packing nuke is the immediate outcome of their “Grand bargain.”

Just picture this, legions of rabidly anti-West, Iranian & Jew hating Bin Ladens being a palace coup away from having nuke.

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