The BBC and the CIA influenced Corporate Controlled Media has Lost The Propaganda Battle To Oust Basher Al-Asad & Mubarak in Favor of Religious Extremists, by using human rights activists and pro-democracy actvists as their expendible patsys. 

Thanks to the Late Shah of Irans Peaceful Decisions, The people of Syria & Egpyt have had 33 years to Reflect and learn how the people of Iran were brought down to their Knees, based on deadly deceits 33 years ago. 

By Convincing locals that the west is for democracy and human rights, they managed to create a formidable opposition to bring down governments and in reality achieve their real agenda to put in power religous extremists.  The real goal of the west was infact always to impose backwardness, corruption, brutality and barbarism on the locals, not help establish democracy or human rights. 

Today again by Using a combination of Western backed Religious Extremists and the Corporate Controlled Media, the hope was that this model would work again on others in the future.

However, after what was done to Iranians within Iran, there is no reason to expect for niavite among the leadership elite of countries like Egypt and Syria.  Unlike Many western residing Iranians of today, the people are clearly not Antelectuals, their religous leaders, doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, pharmacists, managers and all professionals from all elements of society are conscious regarding why they need to defend the Baath Party and their current system, not out of Love, but out of being completely conscious of the wests real anti-democratic, anti-human rights, inhumane goals in supporting extremism.

When Frank Gardner, manipulatively asks,…

“Is it really possible that a sovereign state like Syria could be so
cynical as to deliberately kill its own forces for some dark,
Machiavellian purpose?”

The answer is that while anything is possible, most people honestly expect this to be the act of religous extremists the UK/France/USA are cynically supporting and have consistently been cynically loving for the people of the region for over 33 years through the wests own cynical machavellian neocolonialistic politics, which on the one hand uses its media to portray 1)dictator 2)corruption, 3) torturer 4) repression ad there by earn the credibility to pretend the west cares for human rights and democracy, while in an act of deadly deceit, they deliver the taliban, the IRR, chechniya etc etc. 

Even More than the stupid Mullahs in Iran who have no idea how defeated they already are, the USA/UK/France will now be forced to realize the same true facts which one can say they have not yet realized based on seeing their actions in syria.  When the Late Shah peacefully left Iran, without ordering a single shot fired, he conceded the loss of a battle.  The price was the temporary loss of the throne as a result of numerous acts of betrayal. 

However in allowing you to win the battle, the late shah wisely guaranteed that you would lose the war, and that is what you are starting to experiencing now in your failures in Egypt and Syria.  The reason almost all the grieving families hold grievences against the opposition to Assad and not his regime is because they learned the results of your policies from the activities of extremists in Iran & Iraq, like cinema Rex.

Eventually even western residing iranians will learn the depths of your deceits against the people of iran, as your poiicies are destroying the credibility of your News services, who are forced to consistently report a story that even they will be able to tell is wrong, because it is on the losing side of events.

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