Shiraz and its Sky

Shiraz is very much like some human beings who make it easy for others to love them. It is easy to love Shiraz: who wouldn’t love brooks with wafting aroma of Jasmine? who wouldn’t adore gardens, flowers, and poetry? who can resist being near Hafez, Sa’di, Khawju, … ? culture and art? drinking icy fragrant extracts or eating a thousand different pickles?

Shiraz has it all. But there is one thing Shiraz humbly offers that I love best: its sky. The city’s ultimate ceiling is unlike anything I have seen anywhere. It is vast and mostly clear with occasional bits of clouds here and there. I have heard about Kahnouj in Kirman where people say one can touch the stars. Until I see that, my first vote for the sky goes to Shiraz. Next time you are there, try to look it up (no pun intended), it is quite something.

Photo: Quran Gate – Shiraz

Maria Sabaye, 1996

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