Astrology Report for 3-5 June 2012 Sun Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius or Azar

Have a look at the sky tonight and you will see the Full Moon get blocked by Earth’s shadow. The Moon’s shadow did that to the Sun two weeks ago. What followed, brought to the boil a lot of affairs in many lives. What follows is a simple introduction of Astrology for Iranians who might think this is all khorafat and make fun of it all.

We all are born at different times and places. The matter in the universe is moving all the time with respect to the exact spot you were born. So the precise position of the planets when you were born, is the difference between the split second just before you were born and the split second after. You have a unique space time signature.

Once you know your universe then you will realise that you are more than the physical being you are. Your universe goes all the way out as far as you can see. Now you will have certain things that have moved a lot and things that do not. And so certain things that do not change a lot are common to all, and certain things that do change a lot effect produce unique combination just particular to that spot you were born. For example Saturn might not have moved much in three days, but the Moon moves 30 degrees or more. Saturn rules the law of society, the Moon deals with feelings.

So why am I giving this educational stuff?  Well because you need to understand that this time of the year is ruled by Mercury which after Moon is the next fastest moving object out there. It rules Khordad.

The month of Gemini or Khordad deals with communcations of all sorts that are short and quick. Quick thinking. People close to you like brothers and sisters. Chatting. Logical reasoning. It is the opposite of deep meaningful philosophical thought or long distance exploration as in Sagittarius or Azar. Jupiter or Ohrmazd rules that.

Now the Moon is in Azar and the Sun is in Khordad. And they pulling in opposite ways. So you can imagine it will force issues in these areas. If we can work out where those forces are on your horoscope we can make some predictions. On mine it was in the area of home and family and you all know about my mum passing from this universe into another.

So find out what your exact horoscope or natal chart is. Now look at that link above and look at the planet Mars. It is making a 90 degree to the Moon and Sun. So we are being pulled three ways. All you people born three months and six months from now have been forced to act.

I cannot tell you in what areas you have been forced to act, as I do not know your individual times. But it will be areas were normally you are very flexible about in practical logical or moralistic way. If you look at Mercury it is making a fantastic 120 degree angle to Saturn now and that will help all the areas associated with legal matters.

So we have urgency but it will be handled in an efficient manner as the tension of the full moon will cause us to make calls that will be dealt well by the law. Mercury is the call. Saturn is the law. So you will get all worked up but you will be able to get through and get justice.

As the Queen of England’s Diamond anniversary falls on this full moon it means it is all about to change for UK in a big way. It will be all for good. Mars represents military is at odds with twin government (Sun in Gemini) and people (Moon). Let’s hope they don’t go through what we Iranians went through. If you are born now or three or six months from now expect big changes. This is why 2012 is regarded by many as the year when a lot of changes we were waiting for finally happened.

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