Astrology Report for 7-9 June 2012 Sun Gemini or Khordad, Moon in Aquarius or Bahman.

The Sun is now 17 degrees Gemini and in the Iranian calendar it is the 17th of Khordad. That is what makes the Iranian calendar special. It is in tune with the heavens. The others are not. The Moon has just entered the sign of Aquarius or Bahman as we call it in Persian.

At sunrise the Moon was still in the house of taxes, loans or other people’s money, but you can now look at that a bit more progressively. By tomorrow and for the next two days it will move into the house of exploration, new frontiers, philosophy, meanings, history, distant relatives.

Wherever the sign Bahman or Aquarius is in your natal chart, you will be very open minded and able to relate via social networking. This energy is all about connecting in progressive ways. Because the Sun is in Gemini that progressive thinking will be effective in philosophy, exploration and religious affairs for all.

So if you are a deep thinker, or have to really do a lot of research, the energy will be there to “think out of the box” as it were. Go and look for that peculiar thing that you just can’t find. Go and find that person who you dared not speak to for a long time. You will find them.

Mercury is moving through Cancer or Tir. What does that mean? Mercury is all about short logical but fast connections. It touches all ideas. Now it is in Cancer. So it will be concerned about affairs ruled by Cancer.

What is Cancer or Tir? It is that part of our lives that is the home, family, from the past to the present, as opposed to from the present to the future. Any domestic stuff, is what you can easily connect to. You will get rid of all that old domestic stuff as it opposes Pluto.

There will be some possibility that some awkward new strangers or in laws will really get up your nose. Wait until Saturday to sort them out, as the Moon will be coming around, and will make a good angle to smooth that out.

Why do I say this? Uranus brings new wacko ideas. Mercury is starting to get 90 degrees to it. So that in-law or social networking new wacko friend, will not want to connect your family support system. You will be forced to adjust the family side of things. Take it easy with the kids and your brother and sister. Mind their tempers. Just wait until Saturday night.

But on Friday we have superb magic triangle. We have the Moon Saturn Sun and Venus make a beautiful triangle in the sky. Wow what a day to get in touch and just really do a massive PR campaign. Blitz day. Get on those phones. Deliver the goods. Make deals. Sign contracts. The minds and thoughts are all in sync. It is not about emotions. It is all about connecting.

That is what Gemini Libra and Aquarius are all about. They are the Air signs and the planets and Moon are in all of them.  It does not get better than this. Write, talk, chat, and really stretch your mind. Go beyond the conventional. Be really scientific, and get togther will all your colleagues. It is time for massive collaboration and team work.

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