Iran naval blockade

There is a bit of good news for the anti-war people.

No, the peace loving triumvirate of Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies and the “grand Bargain” pushing, petroleum scented lobbies will not like the news, not at all.

It seems Obama and his partners have put together a smart blockade package in the mold of the oil boycott via sanctioning the Central Bank.

In other words, there will not be physical naval blockade, rather:

“France’s Bureau Veritas, which verifies the safety and environmental standards of ships, has stopped its marine work in Iran.

Without the necessary verification from such bodies, ships are unable to call at international ports.”

Avoiding war is a good thing.

Asphyxiating the warmongering messianic Islamists’ regime by denying it petrodollars is a good thing.

Helping the enslaved Iranian people to permanently retire the prophets of terrorism, “reformist” and all, is the ultimate good thing.

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