Lets Hope Annan fails

During the past 15 months over 10,000, that is no typo, over ten thousand, men, women and little children have been murdered in cold blood by the trio of Syrian Battists, Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) and their terrorist Lebanese Hezbollah houseboys.

After the utter failure of the Arab Leagues’ “plan” the same nonsense has been rebranded under Kofi Annan’s name.

During Kofi’s “peace plan”, aside the daily tens of murdered victims, at least two pogroms have taken place, in Houla and Qubeir.

Annan led the United Nations peacekeeping operation when it failed to halt the Rwanda genocide in 1994 — for which he personally accepted some blame — and the Srebrenica massacre and the collapse of Somalia in 1995. The Darfur genocide in Sudan, which began in 2003, occurred on his watch as secretary general.”

It seems Annan is particularly successful at making sure no one interferes with an ongoing genocide, lets hope he fails in his Syrian quest.

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